Basically, I’m just a girl who really likes to read! I have a black bookcase, which isn’t actually magical but many of the books on it are. I also own a Nook Color, which is one of my favorite possessions. I set up this blog at the beginning of the to review and keep track of books I read. My goal was to read at least 25, which I have met and passed. Some computer problems and general life issues slowed my blogging, but not my reading! Now I’m ready to share my feelings about books again! Most of the books I read are YA, but I do like to branch out sometimes. Unless otherwise stated, all books reviewed were purchased by me.

Outside of reading, I like music, movies and television. Doctor Who, Sleeping Beauty, and The Format are some of my favorite things. I also adore cats and have 3 of my own. Currently, I live with my mom and I’m looking for a job.


I found the background here at Colourlovers, a great site for patterns and palettes. The email button was found here. The Twitter and Goodreads buttons were found on the websites they represent. If I use any image that is yours and you’d like me to take them down or give proper credit, please email me. I always try to credit to the best of my ability, which isn’t always easy online. If I forget to credit something or you have a question about anything in general, feel free to ask!